ATLANTA – A downtown Atlanta intersection has a whole new look, but not until more than one driver suffered damage to their cars.

Kathy Massey’s drive to work takes her through the intersection of Andrew Young International Boulevard and Piedmont Avenue. Her travels had been unremarkable, until the morning she hit several large holes.

“This time, there was a loud bang,” says Massey.

She lost two tires along with other damage to her car that her mechanic estimated at more than $800 dollars' worth.

She's not alone. The very day of her unfortunate commute, two others reached out to 11Alive on Twitter, telling us they'd limped away from the same intersection with flats.

“I'm going to file with the city, and hopefully get the city to pay for this because, his is not a safe intersection.”

11Alive Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes reached out to the city n an effort to help others avoid the same fate. Within hours of his first call, a repair crew filled the holes with fresh asphalt, a far better situation than Kathy Massey encountered, but not perfect.

“The asphalt patches are starting to sink, and people are still having trouble navigating this intersection,” said Massey.

So, Commuter Dude made another car to the city. Within a couple of days, crews returned to smooth the rough patches and give the intersection a fresh new look.