DUNWOODY, Ga – A recent enforcement effort by Dunwoody Police reveals just how often drivers ignore Georgia law at one crosswalk.

Sgt. Aaron Belt played the role of pedestrian at a marked crosswalk on Peeler Road in Dunwoody. With a lift of his hand, he notified a fellow officer nearby of the drivers who ignored him, even when he was squarely in the middle of the painted area that’s supposed to protect pedestrians.

“They never even slowed down,” Belt said of one driver. “If I'd continued I would have been struck by that vehicle.”

Watching nearby was Joan Green, who contacted 11Alive about her frustrating efforts to cross Peeler while walking her grandchildren to school.

“I'm so thankful that the police were out here to monitor some of this we've been noticing all along,” said Green. “I truly am in fear of my kid's lives.”

Dunwoody police responded immediately to 11Alive’s request to send drivers a message. Officers wrote several tickets to drivers who dashed right by Sgt. Belt, ignoring Georgia law that says drivers must stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Since Joan Green’s complaints, the city of Dunwoody has added signs along Peeler warning drivers that they’re approaching a crosswalk. If that does not reduce the number of violations, the city may add more signs.

Dunwoody police plan to continue their enforcement efforts at that crosswalk and others where they receive complaints.