A failed repair job, a sinking spot on Memorial Drive, and a runaway trailer produces concern among neighbors in southeast Atlanta.

Linda Bice-Bailey will never forget the morning when a trailer came loose from a truck traveling down Memorial Drive near her coffee shop. The trailer struck the building that holds her business, knocking bricks loose.

“It was a guy's trailer with washers and driers on the back of it,” says Bice-Bailey. “When his trailer came off. I figured he'd hit that hole up there.”

Bice-Bailey pointed 11Alive’s Commuter Dude a section of Memorial Drive that was sinking. In the middle of the fallen asphalt was a thumb-sized hole.

Google maps shows where the Department of Watershed Management responded to a leak at the same spot earlier this year, covering the work with a metal plate. Sewage problems brought to the exact same spot this past June to make more repairs, and repave that section of road.

But the repair didn’t last.

“I thought maybe it was done,” says Bice-Bailey. “I would assume it was done. No, t wasn't done.”

When that fresh coat of asphalt began to sink, neighbors called 11Alive.

Watershead Management responded immediately to Commuter Dude’s calls. Crews filled the hole then went above and beyond, aying fresh asphalt over a wide area.

Linda Bice-Bailey hopes it's the end of the issues, and the runaway trailers.