DUNWOODY, Ga – A grandmother’s concerns over a Dunwoody crosswalk has prompted action by the city’s roads department, and police.

Joan Green reached out to 11Alive for help at a crosswalk on Peeler Road that her grandchildren use to get to Crossroads Christian Academy.

She has taken to desperate measures, sometimes entering the crosswalk when there is a break to stand and wave her hands, ordering drivers to stop so her grandchildren can enter.

“I've had at least five cars flying past me, and one lady gave me the finger, like, what are you doing out there waving your hands?” says Green.

She says she’s waited as long as nine minutes for drivers to acknowledge her efforts to safely enter the crosswalk.

11Alive’s Commuter Dude attempted to cross. With a foot in the crosswalk, he made his intention to cross quite clear. And yet, driver after driver ignored him, sometimes passing in front of him while he was well in the crosswalk.

Police say a pedestrian is considered in a crosswalk once his foot leaves the sidewalk and is on the painted stripe. As long as that pedestrian gives a driver time to stop, Georgia law requires traffic to stop for any pedestrian in the crosswalk.

We contact the city of Dunwoody about the crosswalk on Peeler Road. The city has added signs alerting drivers of that and other crosswalks on Peeler. The city is considering smaller signs that go in the crosswalk to inform drivers of Georgia law.

Commuter Dude also reached out to Dunwoody Police. Officers have responded with tickets to those who ignore the law.