COBB CO., Ga – Season one at SunTrust Park is in the books, and while there are positive reviews, some say the Uber experience at the park could be much better.

An Uber spokesperson says they are listening to the concerns.

Michelle Baker used her cell phone to record her experience in the rideshare area on Windy Ridge Parkway outside of SunTrust Park. She’s concerned about the vehicles she saw stopped in one lane, some of them with their lights out, while others were forced to maneuver around them.

“It becomes a nightmare if you have an entire lane taken up and you have so many people leaving from the decks,” says Baker.

The Braves and Uber formed a partnership to help fans arrive and exit the ballpark. A section of Windy Ridge Parkway is designated as the official rideshare area. After fans posted video of arguments between riders, Uber altered its system to eliminate the need for a PIN to catch a ride.

Some fans say it helped.

“I think overall it was a good experience,” one fan told 11Alive after the changes.

But the complaints haven’t gone away. Among the people posting on the SunTrust Facebook page is someone identifying themselves as an Uber driver, claiming unless the situation on Windy Ridge improved, Ubers might reconsider a trip to the ballpark.

Michelle Baker’s issue is the tangle of Uber and other rideshare vehicles on a road that’s still open to other traffic exiting the ballpark. Uber drivers are supposed to use one lane of Windy Ridge, but the street is still open to all. The vehicles Baker saw parked with the lights out aren’t necessarily Ubers.

Cobb Police tell us they have officers patrolling the area looking for hazardous situations.

11Alive’s Commuter Dude reached out to Uber.

“We will continue working with the Cobb County Police Department and the Braves to improve the pick-up experience at SunTrust Park ahead of next season,” says spokesperson Evangeline George. “Our staff has been at each Braves game to assist riders and drivers, and we appreciate the response from fans to our recent e-mail asking for feedback.”

Another of Michele Baker’s concerns is lighting. Cobb Police use temporary lighting on a portion of the rideshare pickup area, and are now looking for ways to place permanent street lights where they are missing.