ATLANTA – Atlanta’s Little Five Points needs a new paint job, and one commuter says it needs to happen sooner than later.

Georgia’s Department of Transportation agrees.

Dave Kuehling contacted 11Alive’s Commuter Dude about the striping on Moreland Avenue that is barely visible in some places.

“It's just so worn, it's difficult to see,” says Kuehling.

Kuehling emailed 11Alive after an early morning confrontation with a driver who crossed into his lane as he was attempting to turn left from Moreland onto Euclid Avenue.

“I was heading full speed into that lane to turn left, and she almost completely t-boned me,” says Kuehling.

Commuter Dude found chips of paint where there are supposed to be lines separating lanes. Turn arrows were barely visible near a crosswalk with badly faded paint.

11Alive contacted GDOT. Among the people who took a drive was a GDOT executive.

“We had several people in the department drive through and go, yes, it's hard to determine what lane you're in,” says GDOT’s Natalie Dale.

The department of transportation already has a plan to repave this section of Moreland that would bring fresh striping, but that is not going to happen anytime soon.

“We don't feel that's going to be done in a proper timeline to address the problems we're seeing now,” says Dale. “So, we have a contractor who has many striping projects, and we’re going to ask him to push this to the top of the list.”

Dale says the work will take place within a month.

The sooner the better as far as Dave Keeling is concerned.