COBB CO., Ga -- Changes that were supposed to improve traffic at one Cobb County intersection have instead brought some conflict.

Along a stretch of Windy Hill Road where there has been a lot of construction and changes over the past several months, some drivers are confused, while others are creating their own rules.

“I’ve seen a lot of honking horns and angry hand gestures,” said one driver.

At rush hour, morning and night, drivers line up in the two left turn lanes taking them from South Park Place onto Windy Hill Road Some drivers, however, bypass the line, using a lane that’s supposed to take them across Windy Hill Road. From there, they make their turn left, often causing conflict with drivers turning from the proper lane.

11Alive’s Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes spoke to one driver as she waited to turn left from the wrong lane. She insists she wasn’t being sneaky, but was caught off guard by recent changes here.

“They switched that up,” she said. “It wasn’t like that two weeks ago.”

At one time, South Park Place had two lanes leading to Windy Hill. You could turn left from either one. Now, there are two left turn lanes, one to go straight, and one to turn right. There are signs and street markings make it all clear.

After we reached out to Cobb County, the DOT took another look and determined drivers have plenty of advanced warning directing them to the proper lane. A spokesperson added that it is “unfortunate that impatient drivers are making moves that are dangerous to them and others.”

Some drivers say as drivers get used to the change, there is less confusion.

Commuter Dude plans to reach out to Cobb police to suggest an enforcement effort to send a message to those who are intentionally turning from the wrong lane.