ATLANTA – A pair of car accidents in southwest Atlanta knocked out traffic lights at two different intersections, and area residents are wondering why repairs took more than a month.

The city of Atlanta blames the rainy weather, but some commuters say the delay was still too long.

Larry Walton owns a car wash at the intersection of Delowe Drive and Alison Court. He spent more than a month retrieving the temporary stop signs placed at the intersection by the city of Atlanta. The signs were in place after a truck pulled a pole to the ground in May. While the traffic lights were dark, Walton found the temporary signs toppled by the wind or moved out of place.

It lasted more than a month.

“It’s not acceptable, but what can you do?” says Walton.

Just five miles away, at the intersection of Fulton Street and Windsor Drive, 11Alive’s Commuter Dude find a similar situation. An 11Alive viewer alerted him to the spot where Commuter Dude found three lights flashing, but the fourth missing. The temporary stop signs were in place and a pole on the ground. Frustrated neighbors say that situation lasted more than a month.

“The city never fixed it and it’s a problem,” says Neika Swamson.

11Alive contacted the mayor’s office. A spokesperson told us the city’s Department of Public Works was aware and scheduled to make repairs. When Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes asked about the month long delay, the city pointed to the recent rainy weather.

Records from the National Weather Service confirmed that June was indeed a rainy time in Atlanta, with precipitation most days. There was no rain for eleven days.

The city promised to have the traffic lights working again by the end of June, and kept that promise. Commuter Dude found the lights operating again just a few days after his calls.

Larry Walton tells me he can see how rain would delay repairs, although he doesn’t think the wait should have been over a month.