ATLANTA, Ga – The Georgia Department of Transportation is working on a plan to adjust brand new interstate signs that have drawn complaints from commuters.

Drivers reached out to 11Alive’s Commuter Dude about two overhead signs along I-285 east. Both signs, one at Ashford Dunwoody road, the other at Chamblee Dunwoody, make it appear as if the two far right lanes are “exit only.” Only one lane requires traffic to exit.

“I can see where this is confusing to some drivers,” says GDOT’s Natalie Dale.

GDOT changed numerous signs along Georgia interstates to meet new Federal Highway Administration guidelines.

“That's something we had to do as well as other states,” says Dale.

Earlier this year, commuters complained about a new sign on the south side of Atlanta that directed traffic from I-285 east to I-85 near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. GDOT altered that sign to clear confusion.

New guidelines call for a double exit only sign for exit ramps that have two lanes. There is no confusion over the new sign directing traffic from I-285 west to Ashford Dunwoody. In that case, the sign is over the exit ramp.

On the eastbound side, the signs are over the travel lanes of I-285. Moving the scaffolding and signs over the exit ramps would be costly.

Smaller signs beside the interstate tell drivers one lane gives them the option to exit or continue straight, but the much larger overhead sign gives a conflicting message.

GDOT says engineers are looking into complaints about other interstate signs. The plan is to make adjustments to all of the signs at once.

“We're going to identify signs where small changes need to be made,” says Dale.

GDOT says it make take months to identify the changes needed and hire a company to do the work.