ATLANTA – An Atlanta neighborhood had to endure weeks of detours and barricades, weeks after a major water main break.

People living along Ridgewood Road were so frustrated, they reached out to 11Alive’s Commuter Dude.

“The road is technically closed but people keep moving the barricades,” said homeowner Lynn Kwilos. “At one point, someone drove through the corner of their (a neighbor’s) yard.”

Work on Ridgewood Road eliminated a backway out of the neighborhood. It meant sending commuters onto busy Moores Mill Road.

“Weather's been fine,” said Kwilos. “I don't see why they can't lay the asphalt and get this road open again.”

It all started with a serious water main break on January 24th. Crews from Atlanta's Watershed Management had to fix the break, then lower pipes that they discovered weren't deep enough beneath the road. That took a little while.

But it doesn't explain why the road remained closed for another two weeks.

“Is the city of Atlanta happy with how this project has gone? Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes asked Lillian Govus, spokesperson for Watershed Management.

“Look at this,” Govus responded. “We're not happy at all.”

Govus says the city hired a subcontractor to restore the road.

“They were supposed to begin work, but equipment malfunction prevented that from happening,” said Govus. “Then rain last week prevented them from moving forward.”

Govus met Commuter Dude on a sunny day expecting to see that subcontractor at work. Instead, there were more equipment problems leading to another delay.

A day or two later, the subcontractor returned to not only pave Ridgewood Road, but stripe it as well. It’s progress that comes later than neighbors wanted, but at least their road is open once again.