DEKALB CO, Ga – Homeowners along Echo Hills Circle are looking at the possibility that yet another year will end without the repaving of their broken street.

Nine months ago, Dekalb County guaranteed the repaving would happen in 2016. With cold weather settling in, the window is closing.

“It's getting old,” says Tom Rowland. “We’ve been asking for a while and told it's going to get done.”

Since 2013, Rowland and others have heard Dekalb County tell them that Echo Hills made the list of roads slated for repaving. In February of this year, 11Alive’s Commuter Dude found deep holes, some of them filled with ice.

The county patched the worst of the potholes, and announced Echo Hills would soon get the facelift it badly needed.

“Can you guarantee folks it will be done in 2016?” Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes asked county spokesperson Burke Brennan.

“I can,” Brennan answered.

Road crews can't repave if the temperature is below 45-degrees.

“Where are you on that guarantee?” Carnes asked Peggy Allen of Dekalb Road and Drainage.

“We're still in 2016,” says Allen. “We still have a chance.”

The county received the money for repaving 20 miles of road, including Echo Hills Circle, in January. The contractor started work in September.

“There's a process you have to go through,” says Allen. “We had to do a thorough evaluation of each of those streets. You can't award a contract without knowing exactly what needs to be done.”

The contractor has a year to repave all 20 miles of Dekalb roadway. Rowland says he and his neighbors have waited so long, they can manage to hang on a few more months.