ALPHARETTA, Ga – Some neighbors along Kimball Bridge Road believe the city is doing too much at one intersection, and not enough to improve traffic in another area.

Kathy Morrison’s head is spinning over plans for a double roundabout at the intersection of Kimball Bridge Road and Rock Mill Road.

“We would like them to slow down and do a little bit more study, update their traffic counts,” says Morrison.

Alpharetta’s plans for Kimball Bridge Road have changed some over the past year. Despite the objections of some, the city intends to add a lane to Kimball Bridge between North Point Parkway and Waters Road. A new twist is the two-lane roundabout at Rock Mill Road. The city has run models that tell them the change will take that area of Kimball Bridge from a failing grade, to an A. They know they haven't been able to convince everyone.

“You can assure those concerned it will have a significant improvement?” 11Alive Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes asked of Alpharetta Assistant City Administrator James Drinkard.

“Yes,” Drinkard replied. “I don't know we'll be able to overcome it with facts and figures. It's going to have to be something that's seen over time.”

Neighbors are also concerned there's nothing currently in the plans to slow traffic on adjoining Waters Road.

“It's dangerous,” says Morrison. “You've got excessive grade changes. You've got blind curves.”

Drinkard insists Waters Road will not be forgotten.

“We're looking at options,” says Drinkard. “We're not sure what the best one is yet. We will be making improvements to Waters Road.”

Plans for the double roundabout have added six weeks to the project. The city is expected to produce a final design by late July.