ATLANTA -- A newly released survey claims Georgia drivers are among the rudest in the nation, and motorist in the Peach State admit to their own misbehavior.

The survey by Kars4Kids asks drivers around the country how they would react in certain situations, like encountering a slow moving driver. Based on their answers, Georgia drivers rank number 44 when it comes to rude behavior.

Georgia drivers are tied for last when it comes to the use of a turn signal.

Survey: Georgia's drivers are just plain rude!

Commuters here rank among the worst when it comes to encountering a slow moving driver, or allowing another vehicle to pass.

Georgia drivers admit they enter intersections and block other drivers, and rank among the rudest when it comes to cutting across traffic to enter an exit lane they're about to pass.

Georgia's overall grade is a "D", which is still better than neighboring South Carolina where drivers received an "F".

Idaho is considered the most polite state.

You can see all of the results of the Kars4Kids survey by clicking here, and take the test to see if you're a rude driver.

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