ATLANTA – A pair of noisy metal plates left one sleepless Atlanta resident pleading for 11Alive's Commuter Dude to play sandman.

Erin Gutierrez, a former 11Alive producer, called Commuter Dude after spending a month listening to car tires clanking over the plates.

"The first time I heard the noise, I thought someone was shot," said Gutierrez. "The second time, I thought maybe a bomb went off."

Gutierrez works an early morning shift, rising every morning at 2:45 a.m. She could hear the horrendous sound of the metal plates from her bedroom, ten floors above Peachtree Street.

"I'm fed up," said Gutierrez. "I haven't slept in seven nights."

After the city fixed a water main at Peachtree and 12th, crews covered the repair job with the metal plates. Gutierrez contacted the city to complain about the noise, to no avail.

Commuter Dude placed a call to the Department of Watershed Management, and that very day, a crew arrived to finish the repair job and remove the plates.

Crews will have to return to put asphalt over a rough spot that remains.

Gutierrez says she's now celebrating with peaceful slumber.