ATLANTA – An Atlanta office park plagued with road issues is now dealing with a series of sinkholes.

People who work along Ottley Drive contacted 11Alive’s Commuter Dude in early June to point out two sinkholes next to the road. The calls came on the heels of complaints about issues with a drain and flooding on adjoining Armour Drive.

There is now a third sinkhole beneath the asphalt on Ottley.

It was business owner Mel Trammel who contacted Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes about the sinkholes. He feared the openings on each side of Ottley would eventually lead to a crumbling street. He wasn’t shocked when his worst fears came true.

“If it's open on both sides, it's open in the middle,” says Trammel. “Every time you look it's a little bit more.”

Commuter Dude contacted the city’s Department of Watershed Management about the sinkholes beside Ottley. A crew arrived the next day, on a Saturday, to investigate.

More than a week later, Trammel noticed the four-foot-deep hole on Ottley Drive. Commuter Dude called Watershed Management again, and the calvary arrived. One crew closed the road while another ran a camera beneath Ottley Drive in search of a cause.

The sinkholes are just a short distance from a trouble spot on Armour Drive. Recent heavy rains overwhelmed a drain that often fails to handle heavy rain. The city tells 11Alive that drain needs a major overhaul. They're currently working on a solution.

“That's old. This is new,” says John Nale of the sinkholes. “What's next? Who knows?”

A spokesperson for Watershed Management says crews believe problems with a sewer service line may be the cause of the sinkhole. Tuesday, the city will begin excavation to repair the line, then repair the road.

A section of Ottley remains closed with traffic detoured around the area.