ATLANTA – Some Atlanta commuters are upset that the city has given some of Decatur Street over to cyclists.

Valerie Nowell says it has added time to her commute from the city of Decatur into downtown Atlanta.

"I don't want to be mean but, what were you thinking?" says Nowell.

A ¾ mile section of Decatur Street once offered Valerie and others two lanes into the city, two lanes out.

Now, it's one lane in, one out, a wide turn lane in the middle, and bike lanes on each side.

"I'm stuck in traffic, and to the left of me is a piece of road I used to drive on, but now I can't," says Nowell.

She has tried alternate routes to downtown, but found a similar situation there.

Rebeecca Serna of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition says the city is in the process of adding 15 miles of bike lanes throughout Atlanta.

"Change is hard, but change can be good," said Serna.

Decatur Street is near Georgia State and students traveling on two wheels. The coalition wants to double the number of people who cycle to work as the city gains more and more commuters.

"If we can give them another option, they don't need to have a car," said Serna. "It will significantly decrease the inconvenience for everyone."

Valerie Nowell is all for fewer cars along her commute.

"I support biking in a fashion that makes sense," said Nowell. "This doesn't make sense. The last thing we need is the government making traffic worse."