DEKALB CO., Ga – Street parking in Dekalb County proved to be a tight squeeze for school bus drivers, until a neighbor reached out to 11Alive.

David Richardson reached out to 11Alive’s Commuter Dude to express his frustrations with the drivers who park on both sides of Arlington Avenue, making it difficult to navigate the street anytime there’s oncoming traffic.

“It became a real issue the last six months,” says Richardson. “The cars started to park more and more on the street.”

Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes watched one morning as one school bus after another tried to squeeze through the narrow strip of road left with cars parked on both sides. During one trip down Arlington Avenue, he confronted a school bus traveling in the opposite direction. The bus driver knew to stop before the two met in the middle of the parked cars, where there would be no room for them to pass one another.

It happened to David Richardson.

“I ended up meeting a school bus head on, and ended up having to back down the street to let the school bus through the cars,” says Richardson.

Commuter Dude reached out to Dekalb County.

A portion of the county code states that the public works department can forbid street parking when it creates a hazardous condition or unusual delay of traffic.

Within days, the county placed four “no parking” signs along Arlington Avenue that limits parking to one side of the street.

David Richardson says it's helped tremendously, although he has seen times when drivers ignore the signs. He says most do comply.