ATLANTA – A tire piercing storm drain has claimed its last victim after a series of flats in Vine City.

Among the victims, 11Alive Commuter Dude, who captured his misfortune on camera while responding to complaints about the drain.

“They always hit that curb,” said Lothia Ross.

From her balcony at the Magnolia Park Apartments, Ms. Ross has witnessed driver after driver pulling into the narrow entrance to the complex, only to encounter the metal storm drain and its sharp corners.

“You can hear it when they come through the gate,” said Ross. “I even seen a school bus with kids. She was dropping off kids in the complex and she got a flat tire.”

As Commuter Dude Jerry Carnes found out for himself, drivers who cut it too sharp into the narrow entrance find their back tire strikes the drain with unfortunate results.

While Commuter Dude waited for help with his flat, it happened to Jeff Sutton.

“I didn't realize it was that narrow of a turn,” said Sutton. “It caught the back tire and busted the sidewall.”

William Bedor works at the apartment complex. He says his complaints to the city brought a crew that placed extra concrete around the drain, but it didn't last. He says the past year brought more complaints and more flats.

“At least three to seven a week,” said Bedor.

Commtuer Dude contacted Atlanta's Department of Watershed Management. Crews returned with more concrete. They lowered the drain so it's now flush with the curb.

“No more flat tires,” said Bedor. “Without Channel 11 this would never have been repaired. Thank you Channel 11. Thank you Jerry.”

Even though it’s no longer flattening tires, residents of the Magnolia Park Apartments say drivers continue to run over the drain. They worry about damage that might lead to more flats.