ATLANTA – A visual obstruction that hindered the commute through Buckhead is no longer an issue thanks to a call to 11Alive.

Jessica Gaylord reached out to 11Alive’s Commuter Dude after months of frustration at the corner of Peachtree Road and Bolling Way.

“They were doing some construction, demolished a couple of buildings, and those fences went up,” said Gaylord. “You can see at most two cars, and it just isn’t safe.”

Gaylord was talking about the fence and plywood wall that stands around an empty lot that is part of a planned development.

It’s the plywood wall that caused the obstruction, standing so close to the intersection that drivers strained to see around it.

“I've almost been hit a number of times trying to take a left,” said Gaylord. “People come flying through that intersection.”

Commuter Dude contacted Jim Durrett, the executive director of the Buckhead Community Improvement District. Durrett contacted the property owner, who moved the fence back away from the intersection at least 35 feet.

“It was a pretty simple fix,” said Gaylord. “It's made a world of difference for the safety for that entire intersection.”