ATLANTA – Georgia’s 10-cent a gallon drop in gas prices over the past week is one of the most dramatic in the nation, but most of our bordering neighbors are enjoying even lower prices.

As travelers prepare to hit the road for their Thanksgiving holiday, the average price of regular unleaded in Georgia is now $2.10 a gallon, down from $2.24 on November 5. The average price in metro Atlanta is currently $2.12 a gallon, according to GasBuddy.

Issues with Colonial Pipeline, and OPEC’s talk of reducing production threatened to keep gas prices higher through the Thanksgiving holidays. Colonial resolved its issues, and some OPEC nations balked at the idea of scaling back fuel production.

AAA is predicting more people will travel this Thanksgiving than any since 2007.

Gas prices vary in Georgia, from a $2 average in Albany, to $2.02 in Macon, to $2.13 in Savannah.

South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee are enjoying some of the lowest prices in the nation. The average price in Greenville, South Carolina, is $1.94.

The average price in Chattanooga is $1.85, while in Nashville it’s $1.97.

In Alabama, both Birmingham and Mobile are averaging $1.94 a gallon.

In Florida, prices are generally higher than here in Georgia. The average price in Orlando is $1.99, but on the panhandle, the price in Tallahassee is averaging $2.16, higher than metro Atlanta.