ATLANTA -- A federal judge denied bond Monday to a man accused of threatening U.S. Rep. John Lewis and his staff.

Dante Antoine Rosser, 42, was arrested and charged last week after he allegedly threatened to kill a staff member at Lewis' Atlanta office.

According to the criminal complaint, Rosser, using his own name, had been calling Lewis' office at least once a week for more than six weeks. Beginning in January 2016, the calls escalated to multiple times per day and Rosser began demanding that Lewis and his staff seek financial reparations on his family's behalf.

On at least one occasion, Rosser allegedly showed up at Lewis' office for a meeting. At that meeting, he again demanded reparations.

Between Feb. 22 and 23, 2017, Rosser allegedly called Lewis' office 46 times.

During one call, Rosser allegedly stated to a staff member that "I will blow your head off" and "You're dead." He also reportedly told staffers that they should be concerned for their safety because "they have to leave the office."

On Feb. 28, FBI Atlanta agents interviewed Rosser at his home on Peyton Place in Atlanta. During that interview, Rosser allegedly admitted to calling the staff member at Lewis' office.

In Monday's court hearing, a Capitol police officer testified that a Lewis staff member forwarded one of Rosser's calls to their office, and that Rosser allegedly told the officer, "that [expletive -- referring to the staff member] should be concerned for her life." At one point, Rosser allegedly told staffers that he would "splatter their heads" on the concrete.

Defense attorneys argued that Rosser was not violent and did not pose a threat to anyone, noting that he did not own a gun and could live with his son.

Prosecutor argued Rosser had a history of skipping out on court hearings after previous arrests and the people he threatened were scared for his life.

The judge ordered that Rosser undergo a mental health evaluation. He is due back in court on March 23 to hear those results.

Rosser has an arrest record with Atlanta Police Department that goes back to 1991 when he was charged with felony possession of cocaine. Since then, he was arrested at least six more times and charged with abandonment of a minor child, simple battery and contempt.

Older mug shots from Dante Rosser