CHARLESTON, W.V. -- Well over 100 pigs are likely thanking authorities for saving their bacon in West Virginia.

Police discovered the strange scene after being called to the area to check on a driver. The truck had apparently been sitting along a stretch of roadway for over four hours, NBC affiliate WSAZ reports.

After getting permission to open the truck to check on the driver, they realized the person wasn't inside. Meanwhile, the pigs, all 150 of them, were sitting in the hot trailer.

A towing company rushed the truckload of hogs to their garage to let them cool off with fans and water hoses.

"They were in distress when we brought them in here," Reed told WSAZ. "They were really red. They've got their color back a little bit, cooled down, got a little bit of water. They're a lot calmer now than they were when we brought them in."

The station reports that the driver showed up just before police were going to file a missing person report. He had apparently not felt well and laid down in the grass nearby - falling asleep by mistake. He woke up to find the load gone.

Because of an apparent medical emergency, officials said he likely won't face charges.