ATLANTA -- Two robbery suspects are behind bars and three more are still on the loose after two separate robberies happened within a mile of the popular Atlanta Beltline.

In one of those cases, it was the detailed description of the getaway car that helped officers nab the accused robbers.

According to a police report from the Atlanta Police Department, officers arrived to Austin Avenue around 10:50 p.m. on May 29 after a man called police to report that he had been robbed.

According to the victim, he had been walking along the sidewalk toward the intersection of DeKalb Avenue when he passed a white cargo van. A moment later, the victim stated a man got out of the van and said "Hey," and walked past him, before circling back and forcing him to the ground at gunpoint.

The victim obeyed and the suspect stole his book bag holding medication, his wallet with credit cards and keys. After throwing the victim's bag into the van, the suspect and driver sped off toward Moreland Avenue.

However, the victim was able to get a good look at both the suspect and van and memorized a description to give to police. Investigators were able to run the tag through a database, which returned a 2011 Ford Ecoline Van that had been reported stolen on May 27 from Eviction Services Inc. in Lithonia, the same company the victim saw written on the side of the van.

The following day, officers with the DeKalb County Police Department tracked down a van with the same description to a McDonald's on Turner Hill Road. Inside were the two suspects, Alexander Hightower and another man, believed to be the robbers.

Officers found several wallets, keys, gym membership cards and other tools inside the car. They also found multiple guns on the suspects. Officers arrested both the suspects and charged with theft by receiving.

But it wasn't the only robbery to happen in the area that night. Within minutes of the robbery on Austin Avenue, a woman called police around 11:20 p.m. after she said she was robbed at gunpoint on Elizabeth Street, just feet from an entrance to the Beltline.

According to the victim, she was robbed by two men as she was unlocking her bike from a bike rack. The victim told police she was on the phone when the two suspects got out of a Honda and pointed a gun at her head. The victim said the two took her purse and phone, then hopped back in the car where a third suspect was waiting, and drove off.

One of the suspects was wearing a backward hat and glasses, according to the victim. A description of the second and third suspects wasn't available. Police are still searching for them and are reviewing surveillance video from the area.

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