GORDON COUNTY, Ga. -- A couple of wannabe crooks picked the wrong neighborhood to try to rob.

This happened Wednesday evening in the Pine Chapel community while a couple was having dinner. According to Gordon County Sheriff Mitch Ralston, two suspects wearing masks and armed with bricks and a baseball bat forced their way into the home.

One suspect reportedly, knocked the husband in the head with a brick.

That's when the victim's started fighting back.

He recovered and somehow wrestle away the suspect's bat and used it to "defend himself and his wife," according to Sheriff Ralston.

"We have him down on the patio," the man's wife told a 911 dispatcher.

"My husband's standing over him with the bat he brought in."

When deputies arrived, Alex Alcantar, 17 of Calhoun, was found incapacitated in the house and was airlifted to the Erlanger Medical Center.

The other suspect, Dustin Freeman, also 17 of Calhoun, fled on foot but neighbors who were armed chased him into a thickly wooded area.

They held him there until deputies arrived to arrest him.

The victim's dog was also hit with a baseball bat when the loyal pooch jumped in to protect its owner.

There are no other suspects and the investigation is ongoing.

We will refresh this story as more information becomes available.


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