Federal authorities said a person accused of making online threats against US-based flights in January 2015 has been arrested in the UK.

FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett said Thursday a joint investigation between the FBI and authorities in the UK resulted in an arrest on April 13.

“On April 13, 2017 and as the result of a joint investigation between the FBI and U.K. law enforcement authorities, an individual was arrested for making threats via social media to U.S.-based flights. The January, 2015 threats resulted in the deployment of significant resources including the use of military jets to escort the planes to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and searches by a police bomb squad and the FBI that found nothing threatening. As the arrest occurred overseas and charges were filed in the U.K., there will be no further comment.”

Since the arrest happened overseas, and charges were filed outside the US, the FBI is not planning to release any additional information.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.