AUBURN, Ga. -- Police are now releasing body camera footage of an officer-involved shooting that left a suspect in serious condition.

The shooting happened on Sunday after police said the suspect raised a weapon and fired at Sgt. Jeff Scott. Scott was the second to respond to a domestic disturbance in the area of 330 Wages Road in Auburn, Ga.

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GBI investigating officer-involved shooting in Auburn, Ga.

The suspect fled into the woods nearby and Scott followed. He eventually caught up with the the man, later identified as Stephen Frank Nichols. But things took an unusual turn as the man pretended that he, too, was outside trying to figure out who was running through the yard. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation's preliminary report said the man then drew a gun and opened fire on the office.

The video now shows the trek into the woods and that short exchange as well as the initial moments of gunfire.

"I'm trying to see who it was," the suspect said as he and the officer approach each other. At this point he's still pretending he's not the person police are looking for.

"Which way did he go?" the officer asks.

Nichols can be heard off camera responding though the words are intelligible. Then, shaking camera footage shows him suddenly turning and pointing a gun at the officer.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," the officer says before drawing his gun. The redacted video cuts only a moment later and gunfire can be heard. But its unclear who fired in that moment.

Based on the GBI's preliminary report based on a statement from Sgt. Scott the first round came from Nichols and he returned fire. Scott was not injured in the shooting.