ROSWELL, Ga – A dog was attacked and killed by two pit bulls on Saturday, and the dog's owner was injured as well.

Police say Michael Stewart and his dog, Ellie, were walking in the neighborhood of Eves Road and Autumn Ridge Trail when two pit bulls -- one brown and the other, gray -- attacked Ellie. Stewart attempted to get the pit bulls off Ellie and was injured in the process.

Two nearby witnesses then came to help, with one of the witnesses striking the pit bulls with a nearby piece of metal. Police then arrived and took Ellie to a local animal hospital, where she died.

Stewart was taken to North Fulton Hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

Police were able to take control of both pit bulls and turn them over to Fulton County animal control. They were unsuccessful in making contact with the dogs' owners, who were not identified in the police report.

Stewart tells 11Alive's Faith Abubey that he received the urn containing Ellie's ashes on Monday.

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