ATLANTA, Ga – A heroin dealer operating out of the Bluffs, the center of Atlanta’s heroin distribution, has been sentenced to more than five years in a federal prison.

Shantuan Daniel was found guilty of heroin trafficking and for being a felon-in-possession of a firearm. Daniel was sentenced to five years and three months in federal prison as part of the Northern District of Georgia’s drug market initiative (DMI), which Atlanta U.S. Attorney John Horn described as an on-going commitment to eradicate the heroin market in the English Avenue neighborhood.

“Daniel threatened an Atlanta Police Department officer with a firearm prior to his arrest in this case,” said Horn. “His federal sentence for distributing heroin in the neighborhood of English Avenue is an important win for this community.”

Daniel is one of the final defendants to be sentenced as part of the first phase of the district’s DMI investigation of drug trafficking in Atlanta’s English Avenue community. Between April 22-June 11, 2015, Daniel distributed heroin in the English Avenue neighborhood and was identified by police after he conducted a hand-to-hand transaction with an undercover officer in April 2015.

He was also a convicted felon at that time.

That day, an undercover officer was present in the area to conduct a drug deal with an unrelated DMI target when Daniel unexpectedly approached him. Daniel gave the undercover officer heroin and his cell phone number in the hope of doing future drug deals with the undercover officer.

Then, in June 2015, Daniel was involved in a heroin “buy/bust” attempt, but escaped police.

During that escape, Daniel pointed a loaded gun at an Atlanta police officer just before escaping down a deep embankment where officers were unable to apprehend him.

Daniel remained a fugitive for nearly a year before Atlanta police caught him on April 7, 2016, on unrelated charges. At the time, he was driving a vehicle that contained more heroin and a stolen firearm.