ATLANTA -- The family of an Atlanta attorney shot and killed on a Midtown street is still coping with raw emotional pain as they try to let her life outshine her senseless death.

11Alive spoke with Trinh Huynh's sisters on Thursday as they reminisced about her childhood, career and life as a whole.

"The only thing Trinh ever wanted was just to live - to live fully - to be here with all of us," Dao Huynh said. "We can't have that; that was taken from us."

The pain, still so unbearably raw, is still with Dao and her sister Chi.

"She would still want me to live every day, you know, with light and joy and appreciate every moment that I'm here," Dao said.

The Huynhs are a family built on adversity. They escaped war-torn Vietnam in the late 70s before ending up in Gainesville, Ga. Their older sister was killed in a similar way in 1991. Through grief, they have learned lessons they can draw from in this difficult time.

"To not put off until tomorrow what I want to do today," Dao said.

And there's no better example than the person they miss so deeply.

"She just makes you think about life," Chi said. "What is it and how you want to live your life and what mark you want to leave behind."


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Trinh, at just 40, had already lived such a full life. She graduated from Princeton and Emory School of Law. She traveled all over. She was an attorney. She lived in Midtown - and she loved Atlanta. She was deeply dedicated to charity and different causes as well has her family, friends and even strangers.

"She was there for you because she truly wanted to be," Dao said.

She was Dao's big sister, her best friend, maid of honor - her inspiration.

"I tell I've been chasing her shadow my whole life and I can never quite catch up," she said. "But it was certainly a good aspiration to have."

Now, both Dao and Chi said they hope people all over will take a little of Trinh and make her part of their lives.

"What you can do is take those experiences and that gratitude and pay it forward," Dao said.

They still don't know why someone would do this to their sister. And they may never have that answer.

They said justice doesn't exist - their sister is gone. But be certain her legacy will live on - at the very least through her family.

"To bring honor to our family and that's one thing Trinh really did bring," Chi said.

Trinh's family has started a memorial fund in her honor. They want to take whatever money is raised and pass it on to kids through scholarships. Their thought is maybe they'll help foster a few more Trinhs in this world.