LOGANVILLE, Ga. -- A family in mourning: Police are working to find out who shot and killed a young man on Saturday, on the street where he lived, in Loganville. He was known for his good spirit - as one neighbor said, he was just a good kid.

Family and friends gathered Sunday at the home of the young man and his mother, in the Shady Grove subdivision. His loved ones were at a loss to understand: Why him?

The victim, 19-year-old Jacquorrius Madison, who was known by all as “Corey,” was with a group of other teens at the end of his street late Saturday afternoon when someone shot and killed him.

Signs posted there say the area is under video surveillance, but there’s no indication, yet, whether police have video of what happened.


Teen killed in Gwinnett County shooting identified

It was around 5 p.m. Saturday. The teens were arguing – fighting, according to police. Then someone shot and killed Corey Madison.

Neighbor and family friend Daniel Gaddy says he saw Madison shortly before he was killed, and said Madison seemed upbeat and untroubled. He said Madison had just gotten a job and was starting college.

“He was a good kid. Good kid. Just a good kid,” he said. “He was in good spirits. Normally, he is, you know - him and I got this thing. Whenever we see each other we shake each other’s hands and say, ‘how ya doin’.”

Throughout the night, and all Sunday, Gwinnett County police worked to find witnesses, get statements and figure out who killed Madison.

“I hope they catch the guys and I hope the guys, everyone, I hope everyone knows and learns from this,” Gaddy said. “You can fight and walk away from it. You can’t pull a gun and walk away from it.”

Sunday night, police were not commenting on the investigation beyond what they were saying initially - they said Saturday night they will not immediately be releasing any information on suspects or motive.