ATLANTA – Family members of the man killed on a MARTA train Thursday afternoon believe he was targeted by the shooter.

“He worked with him and they had altercations,” said one woman who said her sister was dating the victim. “It was like he was aiming at me, my sister and her boyfriend.”

Family members, and later police, identified the victim as Zachariah Hunnicutt. He was riding the train with his girlfriend and her sister. The girlfriend is listed as stable at Grady Hospital along with two bystanders.

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MARTA Deputy Police Chief Joseph Dorsey said the suspect got onto the Blue Line train at the Hamilton E. Holmes stop. Once the doors closed, that’s when witnesses said the suspect, who has not yet been identified, opened fire.

“He got up, walked to the back of the train, then I heard shots and hit the deck,” one witness said.

Passengers described the chaos as everyone scrambled for safety.

“There were like six of us pinned, then there were more people behind us and more people rushing behind them,” said Cedric Peterson.

The train stopped at the West Lake MARTA station where the suspect was arrested.

"Due to police activity, Blue Line trains will not service Holmes and West Lake," MARTA said in a statement. "A bus bridge is in effect for travel between Holmes, West Lake, and Ashby stations. Normal Blue Line service resumes eastbound at Ashby."

The station is located at 80 Anderson Avenue SW.