ATLANTA -- Two more Georgia State University (GSU) students were robbed at gunpoint inside the school's library on Thursday. That makes five students in the last month. 

According to Georgia State Police, two students were robbed back-to-back at 7:41 and 7:45 a.m. Thursday. Both students stated they were robbed at gunpoint for their computers.

In a post to Georgia State's Facebook page, school officials said they believe the same person had committed a rash of similar robberies at the library. The post said "this incident occurred before the library was open to the public."

This is at least the fourth incident to happen at the library since Dec. 15 when another suspect stole a students' laptop and cell phone. One person was arrested for the first in the series of robberies, but the man suspected in the last several robberies is still on the loose. 

Commentators on GSU's Facebook post are expressing their frustration with the frequency of the violent crimes.

One student said she's been in the library in the early morning before and has "seen no police presence."

11Alive's LaTasha Givens is holding Georgia State police accountable and asking if students should be concerned about safety in the library. 

"This is one of our more secure buildings," Carlton Mullis, deputy chief at Georgia State University Police said. "One of the things we are doing is, doing it manually, looking at the people who scanned in today and see if they fit the description."

Mullis also said that security has also increased since the most recent incidents.

"Well immediately when we had the first couple of incidents, we increased our police presence in the library and now we are looking at that again, and raising to even higher [levels]," he said. 

The robberies each happened on different floors but in similar, isolated nooks. Those areas are outside the view of security cameras. 

"We think that may be why one of the reasons this individual is targeting the library because people are isolated off by themselves," Chief Mullis said. 

Thursday evening, Georgia State President Mark Becker sent a message about campus-wide security: 

To the Georgia State community,

I am deeply concerned about the recent string of robberies in the university's library, and I am taking immediate action to vigorously address security issues. The safety and security of our students, faculty and staff is our first priority. 

I have authorized University Police to:

  • Double the number of police officers on each shift patrolling campus.
  • Take steps to secure all exits and entrances, including having uniformed officers at each entrance checking the Panther IDs of all faculty, staff and students.
  • Install additional security cameras at the library.
  • Temporarily close the library to the public while we put new security measures in place.
We will take aggressive action and put all of our enforcement resources to bear in finding the perpetrator of these crimes. Contact campus police at 404-413-3333 if you have information relating to the case.

They're asking anyone with information call police at 404-413-3333. If anyone spots the suspect, Georgia State is asking that they do not approach him. More uniformed officers will reportedly be in the library.

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