LILBURN, Ga. -- A grand jury indicted former Lilburn Police officer Gary Livingston after he lured a woman into letting him touch by using a strange story.

According to a spokesperson for the Lilburn Police Department, Livingston and another officer responded to a burglary alarm call at an apartment complex. They spoke with the property manager and confirmed it was a false alarm. The officers left.

Minutes later, Livingston returned alone "for no reason related to his law enforcement activities," according to the spokesperson.

He chatted with the 31-year-old property manager and that asked her to participate in what he called "a college psychology course project". He asked the woman to simulate sleep.

As she was pretending to sleep, he touched her arm, head, and shoulders. He taped the whole thing on his cell phone. After he left, the woman called 911.

A Sergeant from the Lilburn Police Department immediately responded. The woman reported being "very uneasy and frightened." Less than three hours later, Lilburn Police Chief places Livingston on suspension, pending an internal investigation.

In his termination letter, Chief Hedley blasted Livingston for his actions.

"The complainant specifically said that she was in fear for her safety and noted had you not been in uniform, she would not have consented to your requests," the letter stated.

Livingston was indicted on two counts of unlawful surveillance, one count of simple battery, and one count of violation of oath of office.

"It is a privilege and an honor to wear this uniform. The Lilburn Police Department will terminate any officer who abuses that privilege," Chief Hedley said.