MARIETTA, Ga. -- The search continues for a teacher accused of sexually assaulting one teenage girl and enticing another.

Christopher Wade Brown is 37 years old and he was a teacher at Mount Paran Christian School for a year. - now fired, and on the run.

Police said he was with a 15 year old girl at a Starbucks near her school - Roswell High School.

It was their meeting place, according to police, and the investigation unfolded quickly from there.

Police said that at least once, Brown took the 15-year-old girl in his car to a nearby park trying to seduce her.

She told a friend and the parents of that friend called Roswell police.

Soon police found out that Brown had been having a sexual relationship with another teen, a 17-year-old girl from the school where Brown taught - Mount Paran Christian School in Cobb County.

And according to police, the 17-year-old wanted Brown to leave her alone, so she introduced Brown to her friend - the 15-year-old in Roswell.

Marietta Police Officer Brittany Wallace said detectives were going to interview Brown on Wednesday but he was a no show.

“On Tuesday evening, his attorney contacted us and advised that he would not be showing up,” Marietta Police Brittany Wallace said.

On Thursday, police raided Brown’s home in Marietta and interviewed his wife in the process of looking for him.

The headmaster of Mount Paran Christian School, Dr. David Tilley, said he fired Brown. Brown had taught there for a year after passing a rigorous background check.

“I’m not concerned about the vetting process," Tilley said. "I’m concerned about one employee who violated our community standards of this campus.”

Brown is also accused of trying to get at least one of the girls to lie to police for him. Police also said Brown told to his wife he was meeting with the 15-year-old to tutor her.