WALNUT GROVE, Ga. -- Investigators in Walton County say a fight during a traffic jam after the UGA-Georgia Tech game resulted in gun shots.

One person was shot in what authorities are calling an apparent road rage incident on Highway 138 in Walnut Grove, Ga.

The road was packed just before 6 p.m. as thousands of people were making their way back to Atlanta after the game.

During this traffic jam, a fight broke out between two vehicles.

Crews hauled away the pickup truck and Nissan earlier this evening.

11Alive is being told there were four people inside the truck and they started arguing with the driver of the Nissan.

Some amongst the two parties apparently threw punches and the driver of the Nissan fired a shot.

One of the men in the truck was hit, his condition is not known.

Sheriff’s deputies said it's highly unusual for this kind of fight to break out.

They believe emotions were running high from the football game and ensuing traffic.

"I know that the traffic in Monroe was very heavy from the Georgia game, so that could have been a contributing factor," Walton County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Mark Hess said.

Authorities have since confirmed that the shooter was acting in defense and will not face charges.