A Fulton County judge is deciding now whether to release accused murderer Tex McIver on bond.

McIver is the 74-year-old Atlanta attorney who says he killed his wife by accident last September.

Prosecutors contend McIver is trying to use his experience and influence as an attorney to influence witnesses in his murder case, and in general, to rig the system.

McIver has already served 42 days in jail for violation of his bond.

Bearded and dressed in institutional Fulton County denim, Tex McIver was in court to find a way to await trial outside of county custody.

"In this case, where there is no evidence of intent to take a human life," said defense attorney William Hill. "If anyone is entitled to bond, it sure is Mr. McIver."

McIver does not deny that he shot his wife Diane while they rode in an SUV last September. He contends he did it accidentally as he slept with a loaded pistol in his lap.

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While in jail, prosecutors contend McIver made phone calls in an effort to influence witnesses and a superior court judge who works down the hall from the judge in his case.

"And he is very well connected, and if you listen to him, he's got the financial resources to kind of reach out to folks who he thinks can influence what happens to him in this process," said prosecutor Clint Rucker.

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"Is it reasonable to interpret that he might be trying? No, it's not reasonable to interpret," Hill said. "The reasonable interpretation is you've got an individual who is frustrated about being in jail, and wants to get out, and he's complaining to his friends."

McIver is in jail because his bond was revoked after an investigator found a gun in his condo in violation of his bond agreement.

McIver's substantial collection of guns was a contentious issue in court on Tuesday. Prosecutors described him as a gun expert to puncture his story that he fired the fatal shot accidentally.

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