MARIETTA, Ga. – Police are investigating after a man is shot and killed by a homeowner.

According to Marietta Police Department, a woman told police she was inside her home when a man, identified as 27-year-old Kandre Funches, attempted to break in around 2:30 a.m.

Police said the woman told them she shot him in self-defense. When officers arrived, they found Funches dead inside her home.

The homeowner had three small children in the residence in the 90th block of Griggs Street in Marietta, Ga. the children were unharmed and with other family members.

Photos | Marietta homeowner kills home invasion suspect

After an initial investigation, police believe that Funches was let into the home by another man, Javarrian Mitchell. Police said Mitchell had already been allowed in previously, and he and Funches were there to meet another person who wasn't at home.

At some point, police said Funches threatened the woman and her children with his gun, which is what led her to shoot him.

Police arrived and took custody of both firearms. They arrested and charged Mitchell with Aggravated Assault with a firearm, False Imprisonment, Cruelty to Children and Felony Murder.

The homeowner is being interviewed at Marietta Police Department.