New details were released in the probe into a prominent Atlanta attorney who’s under investigation for, what he said, is the accidental shooting of his wife one month ago.

11Alive News has exclusive new photos of the Ford Expedition that Tex McIver was riding in when he shot his wife Diane.

Tex’s attorney, Steve Maples said that he does not expect his client to be charged with any criminal offense. The shooting, he continued, was an accident that did not involve any intentional act or criminal negligence.

Tex said he was dozing in the back seat when the gun, a Smith and Wesson revolver, fired. Photos illustrate where the bullet entered the seat back, a view of the front seat where Diane was riding and where the bullet came through the seat and shot her in the back.

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Diane’s best friend of 40 years was driving the car and has corroborated all of Tex’s account of what happened.

After the shooting, they drove to Emory Hospital on Clifton Road, where both Tex and Diane had been treated in the past.

Maples said they took Rock Springs Road to get to Emory Hospital. According to Google Maps, that four-and-a-half-mile drive would’ve taken about 14 minutes. Grady Memorial Hospital would’ve taken 11 minutes and Piedmont Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center about nine minutes.

Diane died in surgery.

Tex is cooperating with police, Maples said, who also said he’s not surprised that the investigation is still ongoing because the Georgia Bureau of Investigation toxicology report has not been completed.

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