ATLANTA -- Five people of accused of abducting a man from a home North Carolina and bringing him to Atlanta appeared in federal court on Tuesday.

Last week, the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team moved in on a southeast Atlanta apartment complex to free Frank Arthur Janssen.

5 charged after 'elaborate kidnapping' of NC man

It was a five-day manhunt in what has been described as a coordinated kidnapping orchestrated in part, by a locked up felon using a cell phone from his prison cell in North Carolina. Investigators say Janssen is the father of the prosecutor who put that man behind bars.

Authorities have charged Jenna Martin, Tiana "Brooks" Maynard, Michael "Hot" Montreal Gooden, Jevante "Flame" Price and Clifton James Roberts in connection with the kidnapping of the 63-year-old man from his Wake Forest home.

Janssen's daughter, an assistant district attorney in North Carolina, put 49-year-old Kelvin Melton behind bars. According to investigators, Melton was calling the shots from his prison cell in North Carolina.

The prosecution called it an attack on the judiciary system.

However, the attorney for Tiana Maynard, of Warner Robins, claimed the mother of four was coerced by one of the accused. The judge kept her in custody.

The court heard about conversations to kill Janssen if demands weren't met, and about a call from Melton's cell phone between two men talking about making Janssen drink a bottle of Nyquil and to find an area where the ground was soft to bury him.

Clifton Roberts was arrested with a shovel, a pick and pistol in his Chevy Tahoe. His lawyer claimed he had a license for the gun and had been doing yard work with the tools. He was kept in custody, along with Price and Gooden.

The three men will have a probable cause hearing next week. The two women, also kept in custody, will be transferred to North Carolina.

The court also heard how investigators are still looking for a least two unnamed fugitives and other targets.

All of the accused are from the Atlanta area. The case is expected to be tried in North Carolina.

The five accused have not yet been indicted on the charges they face.