ATLANTA -- Two of Atlanta's most popular nightspots were the scenes of overnight robberies and shootings, and both involve a similarly described getaway vehicle.

The first incident happened in Buckhead around 3 am, when a couple was walking home on East Paces Ferry from a nearby club and were approached by what they described as two black males who tried to rob them.

"Everything happened so fast, they came up from behind," Jonathon Mcadow tells 11Alive, "once shots were fired I was really just focused on my fiancee."

Mcadow's fiancee was struck by a bullet. Thankfully, she was alert and breathing when emergency crews arrived.

However, at the hospital, staffers told them it was a miracle she survived.

"What I thought was just a graze, didn't learn 'til later that it was more serious than that," Mcadow said.

The woman is recovering at their home.

The two suspects, according to police, appeared to be in a red Chevy Tahoe with black tinted windows and a silver stripe at the bottom.

Mcadow described one of the suspects as wearing a white t-shirt and of a heavy set build. The man said this suspect pointed a silver pistol at the couple and demanded a book bag that he was carrying.

During the struggle, Mcadow says one of the suspects dropped the magazine from his pistol.

"I'm hopeful that (the police) may be able to recover some sort of prints," said Mcadow.

Less than an hour later, police responded to a reported shooting in East Atlanta Village.

Two victims told police they were approached by two suspects in a similarly described red SUV who demanded their belongings and their clothes. One of the victims grabbed one of the suspect's guns and was shot in the leg.

That victim is also in stable condition.