PERRY, Ga. -- A small Georgia town is reeling after a shocking murder where one of the suspects appears to have been bragging about the crime on social media.

One teenager is dead and tow others are in jail charged with his vicious murder.

One of the 17-year-olds charged in the murder had some unusual posts before and after the killing.

He gave chilling descriptions of violence and there are several posts where it appears he's gloating about the murder.

Friends describe 18-year-old Samuel Poss as a happy-go-lucky kid. The last time anyone saw the Perry teenager was at a house party on Oct. 14. He was hanging out with his friend, 17-year-old Dakota White.

"No one deserves to be killed, murdered and dumped like that," Captain Heath Dykes said.

Poss's body was discovered on Thursday in the woods in Houston County. The autopsy shows he had been stabbed and strangled to death.

The suspects, Poss's friend White and 18-year-old Brandon Warren.

"There's a lot of things in this case that are real weird," Captain Dykes said. "Not what I would say are common place."

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Quite possibly the most disturbing evidence investigators have found are the Facebook posts by White - both before and after Poss's murder.

Before Poss's body had been discovered, White, who uses the screen name "TG Rilla", posted several news stories about the search.

A couple of weeks before the murder, his post read "when you go to finally lay down and realize there is blood all over your pillow...LOL."

And some time in 2015 he wrote a post describing his desire to kill someone.

Meanwhile, at the top of Warren's Facebook page he writes about a cold sad corpse.

"Some of the things you see on these Facebook posts and pages - it's very disturbing," Captain Dykes said.

There hasn't been a murder in the small town of Perry in almost a decade.

Police said that, at this time, they don't have a motive in the case.

"This young man, Sam, lost his life for merely nothing," Dykes said. "For nothing whatsoever."

In an obituary for Poss, his family said he loved music, gaming and tinkering with computers. Funeral services will be held on Monday in Perry.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the funeral expenses for the family and honor the teen's life.