ATLANTA -- Police arrested a 47-year-old Monday after officers said he was found vandalizing police vehicles outside the precinct near Peachtree and Pine Streets in downtown Atlanta.

Officers said Roy Tommie Jewell Jr. had tossed heavy rocks through several police vehicle windows as well as through the window of the Custom Signs Today building.

According to the police report, one officer saw a man, who they later identified as Jewell, wandering down the street. After hearing a strange noise, they turned to see Jewell landing from what looked to be a jump. There was nothing "criminal" to be noted at the time, so the officer went into the precinct.

Another officer came inside and said that several vehicles had windows broken out, prompting other officers to come outside to search for Jewell.

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When officers located him along Pine Street, he laid down in the middle of the street, blocking a school bus. They found that Jewell had glass all over his clothes as well as on his gloves and in his beard.

He was arrested and charged with seven counts of interference with government vehicles, one count of entering auto, one count of criminal damage to property and one count of crossing at other than crosswalks.

Jewell was transported to Fulton County Jail without further incident. At his first court appearance on Tuesday morning, bond was set at $45,500. Jewell's next court appearance was set for March 28 at 9:30 a.m.

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