ATLANTA – Police say 20-year-old Tovoris Gordon attacked a woman walking home by dragging her and then raping her two years ago. Now, they need your help finding him.

On May 11, 2015, the victim was walking home on Beckwith Street in Atlanta around 4 a.m., when a black male, wearing a patterned red shirt passed her. After she passed him, she told Atlanta Police investigator, J. Storno in a hospital interview, that the man grabbed her from behind. She tried fighting her way from his grasp, but he through her down to the ground. He told her to shut up and stop screaming.

She told police that Gordon then dragged her off the road and nearby the football field and track, behind Washington High School. He then, she said, pushed her face into the concrete where he undressed her and sexually assaulted her. After, he left on foot towards the library with her cell phone in tow.

Officer Mark Ducharme used the woman's email account to track her phone to a location on J. Boone Boulevard, however, they could not locate the suspect and the phone's signal was lost.

APD investigator, R. Sluss, responded to the scene, where he found a used condom that he took into evidence. He also went to the Atlanta Medical Center to photograph the victim.

According to the original incident report, her attending physician at the hospital said that the victim had "extensive injuries" to her right shoulder and left knee."

The suspect has never been captured. CrimeStoppers is offering a $2,000 reward leading to Gordon’s arrest and indictment for the 2015 crime.

At the time of the assault, Gordon was described as 5'7