ATLANTA -- Police in Atlanta say two teens wanted for murder at a gas station in southwest Atlanta turned themselves in on Sunday.

Police believe 15-year-old Isaac McDaniel and 16-year-old Charlie McDaniel were responsible for the shooting at a Shell station on Campbellton Road that ultimately left one man dead, Thursday.

The suspects were with their parents Sunday morning at Hunter Hill First Baptist Church, according to Sgt. Kim Jones.

Police say Anthony Brooks, 50, was outside the gas station when the two suspects shot him. Brooks was transported to the hospital, but later died from his injuries.

Residents of the community who knew Brooks told 11Alive he was the kind of person who would always lend a hand. They say Brooks would often cut the lawns of elderly people in the community or help with repairs at a local barber shop in the same area.

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"He graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in 1983 and attended Tuskegee Institute," said family member Tawanna Brooks. "He was his parents' only son, and he had one son and two granddaughters. He loved football and cartoons, and his family and friends loved him."

Police issued murder warrants for each on Saturday and warned that they were considered armed and dangerous. On Saturday, the brothers gave up the chase and turned themselves over to police.

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