COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- Pebblebrook High School students arrived to find an extremely disturbing scene on Friday - their school covered in racist vandalism.

Photos shared across Twitter to students and alums show several racially charged drawings and messages near a door in the campus.

Now, Cobb County school officials are confirming the incident.

"Staff and students arrived at Pebblebrook High School this morning to find extensive vandalism to the campus and exterior of the buildings," spokesperson Nan Kiel said. "The graffiti included racial slurs, obscene language, and threatening messages."

Despite the concern, the tagged walls generated, the school system's police department has investigated the crime and believes there is no credible threat. However, they are continuing to look into the matter.

Officials also added that classes have continued normally on Friday and that the atmosphere at the school is calm.

"The District Maintenance Department is at the school to clean the graffiti from the buildings and campus," Kiel said.