11Alive News is following new developments in a heartbreaking murder case out of Gwinnett County. New court documents were just filed for the mom accused of killing her husband and four of her children.

The attorney supervising her case just filed a document in Gwinnett County, withdrawing his request for a psychiatric evaluation.

He had asked for the state to pay for the evaluation after Isabel Martinez's bizarre court appearance but is now retracting that request.

Just days after Isabel Martinez's husband and four children were buried, her attorney of record told the court she no longer wanted a psych evaluation.

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The mother of five smiled and gave the camera a thumbs up during her first court appearance where she was accused of stabbing her four young children and husband to death.

The attorney supervising her case told 11Alive News last week he asked for the evaluation after seeing the display.

"A case of this magnitude after seeing her behavior and the seriousness of the charges, I thought it was the right thing to do," said the attorney.

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But Martinez was adamant on representing herself -- and though Robert Greenwald is still listed as a supervising attorney, legally, there's not much he can do.

Her next court appearance will be on Thursday, July 20, though Greenwald also asked to move that back.

The one bright spot in this case is Martinez's 9-year-old daughter, Diana. According to a Go-Fund-Me page for the family, she's breathing on her own, and healing from several surgeries. Though she'll likely be in the hospital for the next few weeks, she is likely to make a full recovery.

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