Police believe that an armed robbery suspect took a selfie that, in turn, self-incriminated him in his own crime thanks to the victim’s phone.

Erik Brown, 38, walked in on a robbery in progress in his home last month, when the suspect pistol-whipped him and stole as much as he could grab.

According to the Fulton County Police Department’s incident report, the burglar skipped out with a flat screen TV, cash and an iPhone 6s Plus—leaving in Brown’s car.

But a vain mistake by the suspect would spur the investigation’s first lead. He took a bathroom mirror selfie with Brown’s iPhone and that photo uploaded to Brown’s iCloud account.

The robbery took place on Sept. 19., Brown told police he arrived home, entered through the front door and heard movement upstairs. He assumed that it was his roommate and friends, however, once he continued to proceed inside his home and went downstairs to his bedroom, a black male wearing a black tank top with dark jeans and medium length dreads or twists, pointed a black handgun at his head and forced him into the garage.

While he was held at gunpoint, Brown said, the suspect demanded his silver iPhone 6S Plus. He forced him to unlock his phone, while the robber continued yelling at him and told him that he was going to kill him if he didn’t unlock his phone, Brown recalled.

“[I] came back to the garage holding my cell phone and [he] basically cocked the gun and said unlock the phone or you’re dead,” Brown said.

Joined by two more thieves, the suspect pistol-whipped Brown across the right side of his head and face and took the keys to his 2016 blue Honda HRV.

“At that point I’m down on my knees execution-style with three guns pointed at my head,” Brown said.

He exited the home through the front door with the two other black males, all armed with handguns, according to Brown, who said he ran out the back door and sought help at his neighbor’s house.

He also told police that he saw a small, dark-colored SUV flee rapidly from that area with his car immediately behind it. Brown was checked out medically on scene by Fulton County Fire, but declined any further medical assistance and transport.

Brown hopes that the suspect's selfie on his stolen phone will help lead to an arrest.

Police advised him to leave his phone service on until advised otherwise by a detective in case the suspect creates more activity.

“If technology can break this case that would be amazing,” Brown said.

If you know who took this selfie, contact Fulton County Police at (404) 613-6600.

<p>An armed robber takes a selfie that would in turn self-incriminate him in his own crime thanks to his victim’s phone. </p>
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