ATLANTA -- Time is running out for victims of childhood sexual abuse to hold their perpetrators accountable.

The window of time for victims to file a lawsuit under the state's Hidden Predator Act is about to expire on July 1.

11Alive brought you two stories in recent weeks of former Boy Scouts who are suing their former Scout Leaders. Many legal experts expect more to come before the July 1 deadline.

Lawsuit says Boy Scout council, Athens churches knew about sexual abuse and did nothing
Man accuses scoutmaster of sexual assaulting him 30 years ago

The state law put all statutes of limitation for child sexual abuse on hold for two years - all in hopes of bringing all of these victims out of hiding and allow them to get some justice.

"The victim will suppress those memories and not even acknowledge, or realize, that they occurred until much later in life," said Darren Penn, an attorney for two local clients who are suing a local boy scouts council.

They claim they were sexually assaulted by a former scout leader but the victims couldn't come forward for years.

"It was the legislature's attempt to deal with this phenomenon of victims of sexual abuse not coming forward," Penn said of the law.

The new law also allows for a 2-year discovery rule.

That means that if a survivor of child sexual abuse suppressed those memories, but then rediscovered them - no matter how many years later - they can still seek a lawsuit against their predators.