Fulton County Commissioner Chairman Eaves, along with Fulton County Police Chief Gary Stiles and Major Wade Yates, held a press conference to discuss the decline in slider crimes in South Fulton and neighboring counties.

First of all, what are slider crimes?

Slider crimes are when a person "slides" into the car of an unaware citizen while they are pumping gas and steals from the vehicle.

In 2016, police saw an increase in slider crimes resulting in over 300 occurrences of this specific offense.

As a result of the concern from the public, Fulton County decided to put several measures in place to help mitigate the number of slider crimes happening at gas stations.

With a collaborative effort from Fulton County Police, county commissioners, Atlanta, Cobb and Union City police and the citizens, there has been a significant decrease in these crimes based on the data that was collected from the first quarter of this year.

According to Chairman Eaves, "Chief Gary Stiles have collaborated with Atlanta and Cobb County and Union City to deal with this in a more comprehensive way. The citizens had a degree of education and awareness and became more vigilant."

Fulton County Police Chief Gary Stiles shared data confirming the decrease in slider crimes for the first quarter of this year:

South Fulton County: 74% decrease

Atlanta, Zone 4: 61% decrease

Union City: 72% decrease

"I want to thank all of the cities the mayors and the chiefs of police because they too have done something that was unprecedented in my 36 years of being in this business; to work together and solve a problem," Chief Stiles said.

According to Stiles, over half of their top 22 has been taken into custody and "they have been kept in jail." This is a key detail that officials believe the number of slider crimes has been on the decline.

"This is an example of where government is really working. This truly was a collaborative effort, not just law enforcement but also the criminal justice piece with the juvenile court and the citizens and my board of commissioners," Eaves said.