FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. – Three men accused of killing a homeowner and business owner in his home will face 22 charges, including murder.

Travione Keonte Reynolds, 21, Jerry Lee Wallace, 22, both of Atlanta, and Kavion Wyzeenski Tookes, 21, of Decatur, Ga., have been charged with nearly two dozen robbery and murder charges in Albert DeMagnus’ stabbing death.

All three were charged with first-degree home invasion, possession of firearm or knife during commission of or attempt to commit certain felonies, armed robbery, felony murder and malice murder.

Additionally, Tookes and Wallace were charged with fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer for a felony offense and theft by taking—Tookes was also charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement officers by use of threats or violence.

Beverly DeMagnus woke up and found her husband, Albert, on the ground, his face covered in blood.

It was approximately 2 a.m.

She instinctively grabbed her phone and frantically dialed 911.

“We’ve just been robbed. Someone shot my husband... Lake Horton Landing Drive, Fayetteville, Ga.”

“I’m sorry, ma'am... What did you say about your husband?” the dispatch operator questions her.

“…Somebody shot and killed my husband!” she screamed over the phone.

He wasn’t shot. He was stabbed in the neck. To death.

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“There’s blood all over his face,” she tells the 911 dispatcher.

Just moments earlier, Beverly woke up when she heard a noise. Her 74-year-old husband wasn't in bed.

She walked through the sprawling home, when she stumbled upon three men standing over her bleeding husband.

One of them had a gun and demanded cash, valuables and jewelry.

Two of them jumped into the couple's gray Lexus sports car and Tookes sped away, while Reynolds fled the home on foot around 2:30 a.m.

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“It's obvious there was some sort of struggle,” Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb said.

Albert was rushed to nearby Piedmont Fayette Hospital, in Fayetteville, Ga., where he died.

The sheriff's office identified two of the three suspects as Wallace and Tookes—both accused of stabbing the victim in the neck.

The two suspects in the victim's stolen sports car led police in a high-speed chase on Hwy. 92, reaching 130 m.p.h.

But, according to their arrest reports, before they could take the suspects into custody at approximately 5 a.m., Tookes attempted to snatch one of the officers’ service weapon, threatening to shoot her following the high-speed chase. He was not able to remove it from her holster and no one was injured.

“It's a puzzle and we're putting it together," Fayette County Sheriff's Office Lt. Allen Stevens said. “Home invasions are generally not random, but we don't have any specific information about this home invasion.”

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Reynolds was taken into custody a week later, by the U.S. Marshals South East Regional Fugitive Task, at a DeKalb County home.

The suspects' next court appearance is July 13.